Day Laborers Unite To Demand Justice, Dignity and Respect!

On Tuesday, May 1, 2012, once again, day Laborers and members of the Worker’s Justice Project took the streets along with the Immigrant Rights, Labor and Occupy Wall Street Movement to revive the struggle for immigrants in the wake of a million of our people being deported, criminalized and exploited in a nation of empty promises and broken dreams.

On May Day, Teresa Bucio, founding member of Worker’s Justice Project, stood up on behalf of those men and women who seek temporary work throughout the street corners of New York City to demand safe, just, and humane working conditions with a dignified living wage. “I am here to denounce the new forms slavery that we are compelled to live as immigrant workers. I have witness and personally lived this reality. While cleaning homes and packing clothes, I was forced to scrub floors on my knees, sexually harassed at the workplace, cheated on my wages, and verbally humiliated by my employer” said Teresa.

Teresa was not afraid to speak out about the intimidation and exploitation she has to tolerate because of a broken system that leaves her and millions of immigrant workers voiceless and invisible.

Members of the Worker’s Justice Project (WJP) elaboratedĀ  concrete demands and are as follows:

  1. For a Real and Just Immigration Reform
  2. To Ensure Proper Enforcement After A Wage Theft Claim
  3. No to Secure Communities Program
  4. Higher Minimum Wage in New York
  5. Respect, Justice and Dignity For All Immigrant Workers