WORKERS JUSTICE PROJECT: Building A Better New York City

The Workers Justice Project (WJP) has accomplish so much last year! In 2013, over 1,000 New York City low-wage immigrant workers negotiated a wage increase to $22.50 from $8 per hour, 600 workers were trained in health and safety standards, and we recovered over $30,000 in stolen wages for working families.

But the fight to change abusive industry practices and defend the rights of the hardest working and most undervalued people in our economy – day laborers, construction workers and house cleaners – must continue.  Low-wage immigrant New Yorkers should be prospering with the city’s economic growth, but they are not.

To address this, the Worker’s Justice Project (WJP) has set the following organizing priorities for 2014:

NYCimmigrantConstructioworker1. Expand and enforce workplace protections for day laborers, immigrant construction workers and house cleaners through innovative community partnerships and a training program for members to become safety liaisons, monitoring and acting in the face of workplace hazards.WomenCleaning_Co-op_22. Build an inclusive NYC economy that allows low-wage immigrant workers – men and women – to have equal access to dignified jobs with a living wage, benefits and asset-building opportunities through creative worker-owned co-op, day labor center models and workforce development opportunities.

NYCDayLaborers3. Advocate for the post-Sandy rebuilding of a stronger and more resilient NYC where all recovery workers, including day laborers, are paid a living wage, trained in health and safety measures, and protected from workplace exploitation.

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