Workers Take A Stand Against Homophobia

Day_Labor1During Sunday’s Pride Parade, a small fringe group calling themselves the Jewish Political Action Committee paid a group of vulnerable day laborers to hold anti-gay signs to protest the march. While these were not Worker’s Justice Project members, we feel it is important that our community responds.

We are a community that values and respects all people. The right to have a family is a human right, and we are happy that all people are granted access to this right,” said Pedro Aquilla, WJP member and worker leader, in response to the NYT story about the incident.

While WJP members were not involved in this action, our membership will be meeting over the 4th of July weekend to discuss our response. The day laborer community is diverse and any kind of homophobia—even if it’s unintentional—goes against our values as an organization that supports human rights. Our membership will always take a public stand against hate.

We believe in fighting for justice together and that all our struggles are connected. The LGBTQ community has often lifted up the struggles of others and they have been our allies on many occasions. We all deserve to live, love, and work freely and without discrimination.


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