#JustPay: Workers March To Reclaim Stolen Wages

On November 18, over 150 community members, activists and day laborers assembled at the country’s largest women day laborer corner located at Marcy Ave and Division Ave. Brooklyn New York to take a stand for workers’ rights and against exploitative laborer practices and wage theft.

“Thank you to the many organizations and allies that supported us! I have always believed that in unity, we can win justice for all workers. I appreciate the time that every person devoted to ensure our voices were heard. Together, we are changing the behavior of employers that are stealing our wages and exploiting our labor,” Rosa Palaquibay – Member Leader of the Worker’s Justice Project (WJP)

Beginning at 6 PM, we marched from the corner of Marcy Ave & Division Ave to the home of Samuel Just, an unscrupulous Brooklyn business owner that committed wage theft against Gladys Trujillo and many other house cleaners. We marched down the sidewalks of Broadway to the beat of a drum, demanding justice for Gladys and her co-workers. We ended the march at 42 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11249, the home of Samuel Just, the employer that committed one the nation’s most exploitative crimes. In unity, we made it clear to Mr. Just that the community would not tolerate wage theft crimes.

The community power was felt from corner to corner and it was only possible because of the solidarity and support of Interfaith Worker Justice, El Puente Presente, Los Sures – Southside United HDFC, Cetiliztli Nauhcampa, Voces Ciudadanas, Don Bosco Workers Inc, Staten Island Community Job Center, New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY) Laundry Workers Center, Community Development Project of Urban Justice Center, Sol Aramendi, Maria Figueroa from Workers Institute at Cornell and every person that demonstrated that injustice won’t be silent.

Thank you to El Diario and Brooklyn News 12 for covering the protest online and on TV. Also, get more updates about  #WJP and #JUSTPAY campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

But the fight is not over!

Samuel Just has yet to pay the wages he owes. We need your help in putting pressure until he pays the workers! 

  1. Sign our online petition by clicking here.
  2. Use social media to raise awareness of the #JUSTPAY campaign using the hashtags #JUSTPAY and #WJP.
  3. Engage in direct action by calling Just Clean at (718)-680-2960 or emailing him at justclean45@gmail.com and telling him that you support workers rights and you demand that he pays his workers!

Community Statements on Wage Theft and #JustPay Campaign

“Wage theft is a real problem that happens everywhere in our city, every day. Today’s march is testament that our communities won’t be silent. We will stand up and organize to end wage theft, a crisis that impacts all of us; our families, our community and our economy.” Said Ligia Guallpa, Executive Director of the Worker’s Justice Project (WJP)

“We at El Puente stand with and defend the rights of all families to live, work and thrive in Los Sures. Today, we support the rights of day laborers and stand in solidarity with them in their fight against injustice.” Ms. Frances Lucerna, Executive Director of the Co-Founder & Executive Director at El Puente

“Today, we march alongside our “compañeras” from the Workers Justice  Project” fighting to recover their stolen wages. Wage Theft is one of the biggest injustices we face as immigrant workers. On National Wage Theft Day we stand together to lift our collective voices to demand dignity and respect for our work and say “Just Pay.” – Felix Guzman – Staten Island Community Job Center

“An employer that does not pay their employees is breaking the law, regardless of the employees’ legal status.  We have to stand up together as a community and let unscrupulous business owners know that we will not tolerate wage theft.  I ask our local business leaders to join us and speak out against Wage Theft.”  Debra Medina, Director of Housing Resources at Southside United HDFC – Los Sures.

“It is time to end wage theft, together we are making change.” Juan Carlos Romer, Lead Organizer of the Worker’s Justice Project (WJP)