Day Laborer Workforce Initiative


The Day Laborer Workforce Initiative (DLWI) is a New York City budget initiative to support the development of existing day laborer centers in New York City and the expansion of such centers into all five boroughs.

The Workers Justice Project (WJP), along with coalition partners NICE, Staten Island Community Job Center, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, and the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, won the adoption of a city budget that includes a $500,000 investment to expand the development of day laborer center models throughout New York City. 

This historic investment in Day Labor Centers is a meaning step to raise and enforce robust labor standards in a informal sector with non-traditional employment relations. It will allow entire communities to set fair wages, better working conditions and will improve the quality of life of day laborers and their families. This victory is a testament to the important work that Day Laborer Centers do as epicenters of workforce development for this community of workers.

The Worker’s Justice Project (WJP) will be expanding the day laborer center model in our communities and will play a vital role in lifting up working conditions for all workers. 

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