WJP Hiring

WJP IS CURRENTLY HIRING: Worker Center Coordinator

Status: Full Time

Reports To: Director

Organizational Description

The Worker’s Justice Project (WJP) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote justice and opportunity for low-wage immigrant workers in New York City by pushing for systematic enforcement and expansion of workplace protections, including labor and occupational health and safety standards; advocating for industry-specific efforts to improve working conditions; and educating immigrant communities about their rights in the workplace and how to exercise those rights. WJP’s strategic plan guides our programmatic focus on: 1) building a strong and unify membership (2) winning workplace justice through worker-led campaigns 3) organizing immigrant day laborers.

The Worker Center Coordinator will be mostly based in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, but will also support other programmatic efforts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Coordinator is responsible for workforce development trainings, program management, and job development through marketing and outreach to prospective employers. The Coordinator is also responsible for hiring and job dispatch and serves as one of the staff organizers that will engage workers in Worker’s Justice Project’s organizing campaigns/ programs, worker leadership development, and played an important role in unifying and growing a strong membership-based.


Workforce Development Trainings, Program Management, & Outreach:

  • Plan, implement, and document workforce development trainings and programming, which include: job skill trainings, vocational trainings, workforce preparation, pre-apprenticeship referrals, life skills workshops, financial literacy, occupational health and safety trainings, and English language instruction.
  • Monitor workplaces to safe workplace standards and fair wages  
  • Coordinate day labor job skill trainings (i.e. painting, carpentry, sheetrock) with worker leaders and community partners.
  • Incorporate popular education methodology into trainings and workshops.
  • Manage employer relations with businesses and property owners to ensure that day laborers and domestic workers and their employers use the day laborer center.  
  • Create and implement job development strategies to enhance day laborer and domestic worker employment opportunities through marketing and employer outreach.

Hiring & Job Dispatch:

  • Work in collaboration with staff, director, and worker leadership to create and implement work plan of activities related to the overall objectives of the hiring site.  
  • Assist employers, domestic workers, and day laborers to negotiate work agreements in an organized and respectful manner  
  • Ensure adherence of the rules and procedures accorded by the general assembly
  • Advocate for the needs and rights of domestic workers and day laborers with employers
  • Document incidents, events, problems and conflicts that occur at the site
  • Assist in mediating and resolving conflicts between domestic workers, day laborers and employers

Advocacy, Leadership Development & Social Justice Organizing:

  • Serve as one of the primary staff organizers engaging day laborers and domestic workers in the organizing campaigns of the Worker’s Justice Project (WJP)  
  • Facilitate general assemblies with workers 3-4 times per month (mostly weekends) and as needed
  • Facilitate dialogue and education for day laborers about their legal rights and responsibilities  
  • Work in collaboration with staff and member leaders to develop and promote leadership and empowerment of day laborers and domestic workers  
  • Work in collaboration with staff and member leaders in implementing a new membership structure that will unify and strengthen the membership-base.  
  • Promote and facilitate civic participation and democratic decision-making processes  Maintain and nourish positive community public relations with visitors to the center: police, neighbors, volunteers, press, medical and legal representatives and other institutions, such as churches, unions, and businesses


  • Prepare weekly and monthly activity and data reports  
  • Data management and record keeping  
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings  
  • Answer phones/field calls when at worksite  
  • Provide interpretation/translation

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to work in a collaborative work environment  
  • Ability to work effectively with people from a broad range of backgrounds  
  • Community organizing and popular education training
  • Knowledge of and commitment to immigrant rights and social justice
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills  
  • Dedication and ability to work flexible, early morning hours including Saturdays  
  • Strong written and oral skills in English/Spanish  
  • Competent knowledge of social media, computer operations (Google Apps, Word, Excel, etc.) and equipment operation such as copiers, fax machines and telephones
  • Administrative and organizational skills necessary to carry out job description responsibilities  
  • Deep dedication to the leadership of directly affected people
  • Believe in peoples’ ability to change the world  
  • The ability to work under pressure  
  • Love of teamwork and a good team player.

Work Environment: Mobile trailer serves as the office in the mornings. Also, we use a shared office space in a building.

Compensation: salary commensurate with experience; health benefits, sick and vacation pay

To Apply:  Please send by email a letter summarizing your qualifications and interest along with your résumé that includes education, work history, and two employment and one personal reference to Director, Ligia Guallpa: ligia@workersjustice.org

Deadline: April 15, 2016