Hire A Worker!

Workers you can trust, Work you can rely on.

Workers Justice Project runs the Bay Parkway Community Job Center in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, which connects small businesses and homeowners with skilled day laborers for a variety of services, ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.  The hiring process is easy, convenient and dignified.  Our Centers are comprised of hard working men and women who are dedicated both to supporting their families and to being active contributors to life in our community. Contact: Tel (718) 600-0425 | Email: info@workersjustice.org 

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Worker’s Justice Project supports Apple Eco- Cleaning, LLC. a unique green home cleaning business model is based on social responsibility, environmental justice, and collective ownership. Apple Eco-Cleaning has trained professionals that are ready to transform your home or office into a safe, and nontoxic haven. They specializes in one-time, seasonal & occasional Eco-friendly for houses, homes, apartments and offices in the New York City area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx destinations easily accessible by subway. Contact: Tel: (347) 796-7570 | E-mail: info@applecleaning.coop| Website: www.green-coop.com

How Do I Hire Workers?

It’s easy!

  • House or Office Cleaning call at (347) 796-7570 | Email: info@applecleaning.coop
  • Construction Work/ Other call at (718) 600-0425 | Email: info@workersjustice.org

Call from 7:00 am – 5PM to talk to a live person. If you reach a recording during that time, we are talking on the other line. Leave a message, and we will get back to you. Place an order at least a day in advance and we will drop off workers at your door.

How much do I pay the worker?

The workers have collectively developed a fair salary. The hourly wage depends on the difficulty and skill required for the job. Tips are always welcome.

Where does my money go?

The workers keep 100% of their pay. Worker’s Justice Project does not take a commission or receive any money from its workers.

Do I have to pick up the worker?

Construction workers can be picked up at the Bay Parkway Community Job Center Site from 7AM to noon and house cleaning workers go directly to the job site.

Why hire workers from the Day Workers’ Center?

We are a no-commission center; there is no administration charge for contracting our workers.  We also have guidelines for workers using our center, such as no drugs, alcohol, or fighting.

What can the workers do for me?

We have workers of all trades and experience. Besides construction and manual labor, we can help with moving services, cleaning, handiwork, painting, landscaping, etc.

Who are the workers at the Center?

Primarily, our workers are from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries. They are men and women of all ages and trades.

Why do the workers choose the Day Workers’ Center?

The workers are here because they need work. Out of respect for themselves and others, they prefer to be contracted from an organized center instead of waiting in the streets.

Thank you for your support of Worker’s Justice Project!

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