1. NYTimes: For Day Laborers, Used to Scraping By, Hurricane Creates a Wealth of Work, Day laborers were the first to respond in the aftermath of the storm.
  2. Voices of New York: Female Day Laborers Demolish Walls, Prejudice: Women are increasingly entering the construction industry and the need to educate workers about gender equality is growing.
  3. Bensonhurst Bean:Sandy Destroys Bensonhurst’s Day Laborers Center, Laborers Scramble To Rebuild, The center is their history and it still stands.
  4. NYTimes: Day Laborers, Helping Hands: WJP and day laborers brigade in our neighborhood in Coney Island, when Bay Parkway Community Job Center received support from local elected officials and others.
  5. Daily News: Day Laborers Bensonhurst Center Destroyed in hurricane. “For more than a decade,the Bay Parkway Community Job Center-has been a spot where construction and landscaping employers who pledge to pay day rates of at least $120 and provide safety gear can hire workers.”
  6. Truth Out: Sandy Sweeps Away New York City’s Only Day Laborer Center: “A storm surge from Hurricane Sandy unmoored the Bay Parkway Community Job Center, New York City’s only center for day laborers,”
  7. GSMmagazine: While rebuilding Sandy-struck areas, immigrant day laborers are undergoing hardships: “WJP’S worker center in Brooklyn, the Bay Parkway hiring site, was severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy.”
  8. Free Speech Radio New: Snow, ice hit northeast US, slowing recovery and leaving thousands without power: WJP members play an important role in rebuilding Brooklyn as they also to overcome their own losses.
  9. El Diario La Prensa: Obreros de construccion protestan hoy en Brooklyn: Camilo Hernandez, member of the Workers Justice Project, speaks about his our reality of insecurity at the workplace and demands justice for all workers.
  10. Queens Chronicle Newspaper: Immigrant Share Their Work. Immigration: Our Voices, Our Stories Art Exhibit lets people know first and foremost that immigrant workers are  human beings and make a significant contribution to the community.
  11. NY1 Inside City Hall: Ligia Guallpa from Worker’s Justice Project demanded an end to the criminalization and exploitation of immigrant workers, and the stranglehold of the 1% on communities across the city, state and country on NY1 Inside City Hall
  12. El Diarion – La Prensa: Latinos Take The Street On May Day 2012  in Union Square. Teresa Bucio, Member of WJP stood up to demand safe, just, and humane working conditions with a dignified living wage.
  13. Diario de Mexico: Female Day Laborers in New York City had the opportunity to see their real life stories portrait on the film A better Life, and share their stories as female day laborers with Chris Weitz, Demián Bichir, José Julián and NDLON’s director, Pablo Alvarado. Sacan la cara por sus hijos by Virginia Alvarado
  14. Cool Green Mag: Worker’s Justice Project’s members have not only created a grassroots economic alternative, but create a healthy alternative to reduce workplace toxins.Lemonade Out of Lemons: Out-of-Work Day Laborers Open Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service in NYC:
  15. The New York Times: As a part of organizing effort at a street corner in Brooklyn, Worker’s Justice Project’s members launched its first official green cleaning coop .”From a Brooklyn Street Corner, a Women’s Cleaning Cooperative Grows by Nadia Sussman
  16. The New York Times:  As a direct respond to the economic disparity that female day laborers face and as alternative to fight labor exploitation, Worker’s Justice Project’s members build the first  worker-owned cooperative  in the tri-state area.” Cleaning Together to Escape Day Labor by Nadia Sussman