1. Al Jazeera America: New York must stand up for immigrant workers rebuilding Sandy-hit areas: Contractors are exploiting immigrant workers, and it’s time for the city to protect their rights
  2. New York Times: Remember the Second Responders: A report released last week by researchers at Baruch College, just over a year after Sandy, examines their role in the aftermath of events like Sandy and 9/11.
  3. The Huffington Post: Cardin Amendment Recognizes Public Service of Day Laborers: Day laborers encountered considerable fear as they knocked on door after door in Coney Island and other devastated neighborhoods in New York.
  4. New York Times: Day Laborers, Helping Hands: Day laborers, men and women who have been spending weekends as a volunteer brigade, helping other people chip away at the mountains of debris.
  5. New York Times: For Day Laborers, Used to Scraping By, Hurricane Creates a Wealth of Work: In the first weeks after the storm, day laborers performed work that required muscle and a strong back, hauling waterlogged sofas and broken refrigerators out of flooded basements, stripping mold-infested walls and sweeping away mounds of sand from front yards.
  6. Daily News: Movers and shakers: Brooklyn day laborers find steady work outside truck rental facility: Day laborers have long been centered on the construction, moving and landscaping industries, but workers have started branching out and gravitating towards moving.
  7. Home Reporter News: Laborers love the newly remodeled Bay Parkway Job Center: The hard-working laborers, mostly of Hispanic descent, have come together under one roof to demand that their basic rights are met.
  8. Fox News Latino: Immigrant Laborers Rebuild Worker Center, Restore Their Sense of Mission: Building Solidarity and Organizing For Safer Working Conditions After Hurricane Sandy in South Brooklyn
  9. The GC Advocate: The Skills to Pay the Bills: Bay Parkway Community Job Center’s workers touch the lives of many area residents in the post-Sandy havoc.
  10. Queens Chronical: City Council Begins Debating Day Laborers In New York City
  11. Brooklyn Ink: Job Center Helps Immigrant Workers As They Await Reform: Immigration reform mean stronger protection for foreign-born workers.
  12. CUNY Journalism: On a Williamsburg Street Corner, Women Day Laborers Look for Opportunity: women day laborers are also entering the scene as housecleaners and temporary construction workers
  13. The Nation: A Brooklyn Corner: Women Day Laborers face daily exploitation in South Side of Brooklyn.
  14. IMAGINE 2050: After Hurricane Sandy, Workers Rebuild: The need to support immigrant workers as they support the American economy.
  15. Womens Enews: Few Female Day Laborers Try Jobs in NYC Cleanup: Low-wage Women make their way in construction after Hurricane Sandy
  16. BensonhurstBean: Bay Parkway Community Job Center Labors On: Rebuilding a home for workers to organize for safer and dignify workplace.
  17. Brooklyn Daily Eagle:Immigrant workers rebuild storm ravaged waterfront job center: Center destroyed by Hurricane Sandy was rebuilt by determined immigrants who congregate there in the hope of finding day jobs.
  18. El Diario La Prensa: Reconstruyen centro para jornaleros. A meses de un trabajo intenso de limpieza y demolición de la antigua estructura, el colectivo logró inaugurar las nuevas instalaciones.
  19. NYTimes: Little Red Beacon for Immigrant Laborers Shines On, In the post-Hurricane Sandy period, New York’s immigrant day laborers have emerged as a vital resource.
  20. The Bridge News: Cleaning Co-op Turns Female Day Laborers into Owners, The cooperative offers protection against unfair payment…more day laborers are working free from exploitation.
  21. Daily News: Day laborer advocates offering training, safety tips, WJP advocates to avoid rebuilding issues such as wage theft and unsafe working conditions that followed Hurricane Sandy and 9/11
  22. Que Tal America: The Story of the Apple Eco-Cleaning Cooperative: Five women day laborers from Williamsburg, Brooklyn share their story.
  23. BRIC Arts: Sector B: Coney Island Reconstruction, WJP along with New York City Councilmember Domenic Recchia Jr. talk about what the rebuilding boom has meant to day laborers in the area
  24. American Public Media: Demolition and Rebuilding, Sean Cole shares the stories of day laborers from Brooklyn as they repair homes that were flooded and damaged by Hurricane Sandy.