Issue Areas

Organizing For Change

Worker’s Justice Project believes that organizing is the most effective way to make positive change in the workplace. We are committed to organizing low-wage workers across race, gender and industry to strengthen the right to organize, to achieve socioeconomic justice and build a democratic, and diverse movement of low-wage workers. Click here for more >>>

Education For Leadership

Worker’s Justice Project is committed to empowering low-wage workers that have been purposely excluded from decision-making processes that most affect their lives. Our educational models aims to provide workers with a place to strategically think about ways to collectively identify and grapple with workplace justice issues and determine appropriate priorities and agendas for addressing workplace issues. Click here for more>>>

Workplace Justice

Worker’s Justice Project strives to build a democratic, just and fair workplace for all people who have the right and the ability to pursue a dignified life for themselves and their families, regardless of their nationality, race, immigration or other status. Click here for more info>>>

Economy Development 

Worker’s Justice Project aims to address the economic disparity that low-wage immigrant workers face by supporting community social and sustainable ventures. In 2010, Apple Eco-Cleaning Cooperative was born out the organizing process on a Brooklyn corner to address the underlying labor exploitation experienced by female day laborers. 

Apple Eco-Cleaning: Click here for more>>

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