Economic Development

Building a New Sustainable Local Economy To Scape Day Labor

As the economic crisis continues to engulf the country, day laborers in New York City — already facing high levels of abuse and exclusion from protections that should be granted to all workers —continue to be among the hardest hit. Every day, workers gather on day laborers’ corners seeking a means to feed their families. Unfortunately, the majority find themselves returning home each day without finding work. Instead of decent jobs with fair pay, they are faced with unsafe work conditions and rampant wage theft.

As a direct respond to the economic disparity that day laborers face and as alternative to fight labor exploitation, Worker’s Justice Project has developed an Economic Justice Initiative that combines workers rights organizing with social enterprise development to build a new grassroots economy from based on democracy, sustainability and cooperation. One of the pillars of this new economy is a worker-owned cooperative, a business that is owned and controlled by its workers.

The Economic Justice Initiative of Worker’s Justice Project is dedicated to the creation of sustainable jobs through the development, support and promotion of worker-owned cooperatives among low-wage immigrant workers.

We provide education, training and technical  support to help workers to build the skills they need to launch their enterprise. In an effort to build a more just and sustainable economy, Worker’s Justice Project has  successfully helped a group of female day laborers launched Apple Eco-Cleaning, a green cleaning cooperative that provides sophisticated eco-friendly cleaning services in the tri-state area.

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