Workers Justice

We strive to build a democratic, just and fair workplace for all people who have the right and the ability to pursue a dignified life for themselves and their families, regardless of their nationality, race, immigration or other status.

From this basis we fight for, among other things:

  • Fair wages and equality in the workplace
  • Dignity, security and the respect for the work we do
  • Safe working conditions
  • Stronger laws and stronger enforcement against those who would violate workers’ rights
  • Right to organize and collectively bargain without fear of retaliation
  • End the severe labor exploitation that marks our era

Wage Theft

Worker’s Justice Project works with low-wage workers to go after unscrupulous employers through direct organizing and advocacy. Worker’s Justice Project engages affected workers in the wage recovering process from developing basic understanding from what the legal to direct organizing process entails. Our goal is to ensure workers are empowered to advocate for themselves through the unpaid wage recovery process.

WJP resolves hundreds of cases through the worker’s center or through street organizing at targeted site (such as Williamsburg, Bensonhurst and Jackson Heights) of low-wage workers who labor in construction, factory, cleaning, landscaping, childcare, and food service, all of whom were denied payment for their work, or not paid the legal minimum wage or overtime.

Day Laborers Organizing For Change

Day Laborers from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn founded in 2002 a unique democratic day labor center model where day laborers negotiate the scope of work and fair wages with contractors with the purpose to  achieve social and economic justice. Through the establishment of this first community day laborer center, WJP aims to achieve the following:

  • Cultivate positive relations between immigrants and their communities in which they live and work
  • Prevent labor and Civil Rights abuses, improve working conditions, and recover unpaid wages.
  • Actively develop leaders among workers to take action on their own behalf for systematic changes in their community
  • Provide education and job training opportunities to enhance the skills needed to acquire dignified employment.

Workforce Development

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